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Vertical Bridge

Vertical Bridge is the largest private owner and manager of communication infrastructure in the United States owning or master leasing towers, rooftops, billboards, utility attachments and other site location assets, and leasing them to telecommunications carriers and other users of wireless technology. Vertical Bridge sites and assets are located in hard-to-zone areas, and offer significant opportunities to their clients to enhance their subscribers’ experience via improved network performance.


Music Movement

Music Movement is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that develops and funds music-centric programs, scholarships, & events to improve the lives of young people with Autism and learning differences. Through grants, individual donations, Corporate Sponsorships & our ongoing fundraising events, Music Movement will have the means to fund these programs. With the help of our volunteers & the generosity of those who donate their skills, time & money, we will continue to reach these goals. Music Movement is a 100% volunteer organization. The Members of the Board & our volunteers donate their time and services. • Provide exposure and channels of learning through music • Provide mental stimulation and creativity through music therapies • Provide opportunities of social integration with the mainstream community and other peers with special needs • Promote physical activity and emotional growth • Create opportunities to practice and be rewarded for desired behavioral skills with music centric events • Provide financial support for struggling families that do not have the means to promote musical talents


Sparco USA is an online retailer for action sports enthusiasts offering high end performance apparel and accessories for vehicles, racing and karts. As one of the most recognizable brands in the world of motorsports, Sparco provides the world of motorsports with safety gear including suits, gloves, shoes, helmets and underwear. Sparco is also a leader in sportswear and team wear.


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